One of Many Unsung Heros

ONE OF MANY UNSUNG HEROS In partnership with the Digicel Foundation of Papua New Guinea and instructors from the East Sepik College of Nursing, we recently launched a program that combined Samaritan Aviation’s unique 40-hour Emergency Obstetric Care refresher course with the discipleship training course, Healing the Wounds of Trauma. The program was attended by […]

Papua New Guinea: Land of the Unexpected

What does a “normal” day look like for our pilots in Papua New Guinea? We can’t anticipate when emergency calls will come in, but some days are busier than others!

A Meaningful Christmas Experience

Two years ago, our family had the most meaningful and special Christmas experience of our lives. When we visited Papua New Guinea, we were able to experience first-hand the culture and people of this beautiful country and the tremendous impact that Samaritan Aviation is having there as the hands and feet of Jesus.

Known For Delivering Hope

Known for Delivering Hope written by James Maxcy At the end of February, I traveled to Papua New Guinea and, even while in transit, I was amazed by the impact God has had on the country through Samaritan Aviation. Upon arriving in Port Moresby, I went through the various steps associated with air travel including […]

Partnership Enables Rural Health Worker Training

PARTNERING WITH DIGICEL FOUNDATION TO TRAIN RURAL HEALTH WORKERS Imagine you are a nursing officer at a clinic in a remote village in PNG. You see patients from 8am to 6pm with no breaks. Your staff is minimal, and your clinic is undersupplied with meds and vaccines. You’re tasked to meet the needs of the […]


BENEDICT A 20-foot fall, a broken leg, and a very brave boy. Pilots Luke and Nick brought 8-year-old Benedict in from an aid post on the Kalawari River on October 7th. He had been climbing a mango tree and as he walked out on a branch, it broke and he fell about 20 feet to […]

Trauma Healing

Samaritan Aviation Team Gains New Skills Through Trauma Healing Course In September, our Papua New Guinea staff had the opportunity to take part in a SILs (Summer Institute of Linguistics) course called “Trauma Healing.” This course teaches how to cope with trauma, and help others going through trauma, in light of the Gospel. Our staff […]


ANTIVENIN SAVES A LITTLE GIRL “[Alison’s parents] knew that a life flight provided by Samaritan Aviation was the only option to save their daughter’s life!“ It was a typical Tuesday afternoon, with Nick and Lorraine Mosca engaged in language training with Chris and Sarah Cooke on the Samaritan base. Then an emergency call came in: […]

New Airplane Launched in Wewak

NEW AIRPLANE LAUNCHED IN WEWAK, PNG! What a great day of celebration as many PNG government, health, and community leaders joined our staff and the U.S. Ambassador to officially launch Samaritan Aviation’s new airplane for the East Sepik Province! The theme for all of the speakers was hope, love, and service. The reality is that […]

Mona Lisa Smiles

MONA LISA SMILES Mona Lisa has a smile that lights up the Haus Sik (hospital). Three weeks after being flown in from her home village of Ambunti, she is starting to feel like a kid again. At just seven years old, she was suffering from a bone infection that caused severe swelling in both of […]