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Celebrating 20 years!

Thank you for your prayers and support that have helped us to save lives in remote areas of Papua New Guinea.

Providing Access and Hope
Providing Access and Hope
80% of the residents within the East Sepik province -nearly 400,000 people- live in remote areas without adequate access to the only hospital. Our floatplanes turn a 5-7 day trip in a dugout canoe into a 1-2 hour flight.

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Our Mission and Strategy
Our Mission and Strategy
To show God’s love through action with emergency evacuation flights, medicine delivery, hospital ministry, disaster relief and community health programs. We offer these services free of charge.

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Being the Hands of Jesus
Being the Hands of Jesus
By providing aviation, medical, and critical health services to those who need it most, we hope to demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way. We want to show them that they are valued and that they matter.


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