A 20-foot fall, a broken leg, and a very brave boy.

Pilots Luke and Nick brought 8-year-old Benedict in from an aid post on the Kalawari River on October 7th. He had been climbing a mango tree and as he walked out on a branch, it broke and he fell about 20 feet to the ground. Luckily, a few branches on the way down slowed his fall, or it could have been far more serious. His family loaded him into a small canoe and set off down a small stream toward the Kalawari River where Samaritan could pick him up.

When the plane arrived, however, there were 2 patients waiting for pickup. This was a surprise to the pilots! It was later in the day already so only one trip could be made and only one patient could fit in the plane. The 2nd patient had an obstructed bowel and, since it was less serious and painful, would have to head downstream to the road by motorboat. Benedict was very uncomfortable and it was difficult just to lift him into the plane without excruciating pain. Once in the hospital, the doctors confirmed the broken bone and he went through surgery.

Robert and Chris have visited him in the hospital, and while he started out quite shy, he has opened up quite a bit. While I’m sure Benedict would much rather be back in his village playing with his friends, his extended stay in the hospital has allowed Robert the opportunity to get to know him on a deeper level. Robert has been praying, taking food and sharing the gospel story with him almost daily. Benedict’s uncle has been in town to take care of him while he is there. This also allowed Robert to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with him as well. We are grateful for the healing of Benedict’s leg, but more importantly we hope that he comes to know the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his life is forever changed!