Posted Wednesday March 13, 2019 by Samaritan Aviation


Mona Lisa has a smile that lights up the Haus Sik (hospital). Three weeks after being flown in from her home village of Ambunti, she is starting to feel like a kid again. At just seven years old, she was suffering from a bone infection that caused severe swelling in both of her legs, as well as broken leg bones that put her in a lot of pain. Her advanced condition required surgery to remove the infected bone tissue; the staff at Boram Hospital sent a biopsy of the tissue to Port Moresby to rule out a diagnosis of cancer. 


During Mona Lisa’s healing process, she has gotten several visits from our team to encourage her, pray with her, and share Jesus with her. She has even enjoyed passing the time with coloring books that were donated by our wonderful supporters in the U.S.! Thank you for investing in the mission of Samaritan Aviation so that patients like Mona Lisa can have the chance to heal and hear about the love that God has for them!