Papua New Guinea: Land of the Unexpected

What does a “normal” day look like for our pilots in Papua New Guinea? We can’t anticipate when emergency calls will come in, but some days are busier than others!


WHATEVER IT TAKES In November of 2019, we received a call from some missionaries serving in Pei, an hour flight from Wewak. A woman named Maria was suffering from pregnancy complications and both her and her baby’s lives were in serious danger. Luke Hamer and Jacinta, a nurse from Boram Hospital, flew to the village. […]

Clements: A Family Changed Forever

A FAMILY CHANGED FOREVER In 2013, our team picked up a woman named Rose who was suffering from a retained placenta. Once we flew her from the village of Kanduanam to the hospital, she was able to get the care she needed so both she and her baby girl could go home healthy. This story […]


KEEPING THE PHONE ON There are many stories we could share, but this story about a call coming in this past Christmas morning struck a chord with us. We were reminded just how committed our team is to the work we do, and we couldn’t help but be inspired. As all health care professionals know, […]


BENEDICT A 20-foot fall, a broken leg, and a very brave boy. Pilots Luke and Nick brought 8-year-old Benedict in from an aid post on the Kalawari River on October 7th. He had been climbing a mango tree and as he walked out on a branch, it broke and he fell about 20 feet to […]


ANTIVENIN SAVES A LITTLE GIRL “[Alison’s parents] knew that a life flight provided by Samaritan Aviation was the only option to save their daughter’s life!“ It was a typical Tuesday afternoon, with Nick and Lorraine Mosca engaged in language training with Chris and Sarah Cooke on the Samaritan base. Then an emergency call came in: […]

Baby Jesse Goes Home!

BABY JESSE GOES HOME It was early in the morning when Mark Palm received the urgent call from Paliagui village, a remote village on the backside of Chambri Lakes. Despite the poor phone reception, it became clear that the village was suffering from a sickness outbreak. One child had already died, and two more were […]