It was early in the morning when Mark Palm received the urgent call from Paliagui village, a remote village on the backside of Chambri Lakes. Despite the poor phone reception, it became clear that the village was suffering from a sickness outbreak. One child had already died, and two more were very ill.

Mark, Samaritan Aviation advisor Bruce Johnson, and Nurse Maggie flew to the small lake near the village. About one hundred villagers were waiting for the arrival of the “Saman Balus” (plane with outriggers).

It was obvious that one baby would recover, but baby Jesse was in bad shape. After the two mothers and their babies were loaded, Nurse Maggie started an IV on Jesse. A brief prayer was said with the village and Mark piloted the floatplane back to the Boram Hospital.

The first baby was released from the hospital a few days later, but over the next few weeks, the Samaritan Aviation staff visited baby Jesse several times, praying with the family and sharing the story of hope and redemption. We also sent a special prayer request to all our international supporters to pray for him as well.

It was an amazing moment for Mark as he dropped off a healthy baby Jesse and his mom back in their village after Jesse’s three weeks in Wewak! We are thankful for the Boram Hospital staff and for all your prayers. We are also thankful for each of you who give so generously, providing the opportunity to save more lives both here in PNG and for eternity!