Bringing hope and access to people in need is at the core of everything Samaritan Aviation does. Whether it’s helping a mother struggling through a difficult childbirth or a young boy suffering from cerebral malaria, it is often easy to see how the service we offer brings access to emergency lifesaving medical treatment and hope for a chance at life. However, that’s not the full picture of the hope and access we strive to bring to the people of the East Sepik Province.

July was our busiest month of 2020, with 27 flights delivering 3,306 lbs. of medicine to remote clinics and transporting 24 patients to receive emergency medical care at Boram Hospital here in Wewak, Papua New Guinea. One of these flights was in response to a call from the District Health Center in the village of Angoram. A 9-year-old boy named Sulkan suffered a fractured femur from falling out of a tall tree. Without an orthopedic surgeon in our province, the fracture meant that our new friend would be bedridden and in traction for six long weeks.

While it’s been difficult for Sulkan to be restricted in bed for such a long time, it’s afforded us the time to share the eternal hope we have through Jesus and the direct access He provides us to our heavenly Father. By the time Sulkan was released from the hospital, both he and his father, Jeffrey, knew the hope found in Jesus and placed their trust in Him! Thank you for your partnership with us so that others like Sulkan can have access to the wonderful message of salvation.

Sulkan and his father, Jeffrey, were all smiles!

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