Papua New Guinea: Land of the Unexpected

We recently received a call on a Sunday from Kambaramba about Casper, a middle-aged man experiencing pain after a recent surgery. Since his case wasn’t life threatening, we explained to him that we were not able to fly him in that day; however, we might be able to the next morning. The next day, Chris, […]

New Airplane Launched in Wewak

What a great day of celebration as many PNG government, health, and community leaders joined our staff and the U.S. Ambassador to officially launch Samaritan Aviation’s new airplane for the East Sepik Province! The theme for all of the speakers was hope, love, and service. The reality is that this airplane offers hope and medical […]


BENEDICT A 20-foot fall, a broken leg, and a very brave boy. Pilots Luke and Nick brought 8-year-old Benedict in from an aid post on the Kalawari River on October 7th. He had been climbing a mango tree and as he walked out on a branch, it broke and he fell about 20 feet to […]

Clements: A Family Changed Forever

A FAMILY CHANGED FOREVER In 2013, our team picked up a woman named Rose who was suffering from a retained placenta. Once we flew her from the village of Kanduanam to the hospital, she was able to get the care she needed so both she and her baby girl could go home healthy. This story […]

Trauma Healing

Samaritan Aviation Team Gains New Skills Through Trauma Healing Course In September, our Papua New Guinea staff had the opportunity to take part in a SILs (Summer Institute of Linguistics) course called “Trauma Healing.” This course teaches how to cope with trauma, and help others going through trauma, in light of the Gospel. Our staff […]

A Body Injured and a Soul Healed

A BODY INJURED, AND A SOUL HEALED Late in the day, our Medical Director, Chris Cooke, got a call from one of our farthest locations. Alti, a 12-year-old boy from May River, had climbed a tree with a knife to cut down some breadfruit when the knife slipped from his hands and plunged into his […]

The Impact of Hope and Access

THE IMPACT OF HOPE + ACCESS Bringing hope and access to people in need is at the core of everything Samaritan Aviation does. Whether it’s helping a mother struggling through a difficult childbirth or a young boy suffering from cerebral malaria, it is often easy to see how the service we offer brings access to emergency […]

Whatever It Takes

WHATEVER IT TAKES In November of 2019, we received a call from some missionaries serving in Pei, an hour flight from Wewak. A woman named Maria was suffering from pregnancy complications and both her and her baby’s lives were in serious danger. Luke Hamer and Jacinta, a nurse from Boram Hospital, flew to the village. […]

Double The Impact

DOUBLE THE IMPACT On the Karawari River, an offshoot of the Sepik, an aid worker was desperately working to save the lives of Anna and Lisma, 11-month-old twins from Kundiman. For over a week, their tiny bodies suffered from frequent diarrhea, vomiting, and fever, leaving them weak and in desperate need of medical attention. After […]

Keeping The Phone On

KEEPING THE PHONE ON There are many stories we could share, but this story about a call coming in this past Christmas morning struck a chord with us. We were reminded just how committed our team is to the work we do, and we couldn’t help but be inspired. As all health care professionals know, […]