Riven from Ama

Riven, a husband and father of six children, was in his remote village of Ama when a fire began in his home around 6 am. It spread so fast that he was trapped inside. Out of options, Riven decided to run through the flames and was severely burned. His family quickly poured water on him to prevent further damage to his skin, but his back and arms were already covered in second and third degree burns.


That day​,​ he left his village for the long walk to the nearest health center located at May River. The journey took him, his wife, and their two small kids an entire day! We were able to pick him up there and bring him to the Boram Hospital, were he received treatment for three weeks. During that time, our ​Samaritan staff and their families were able to meet with him and his family, talk to them about ​the Lord​, and pray with them.

“God did not forget about me.”

The day before we were able to fly him back home, he explained to us in his own words that he “gave his whole life, including his injury, to ​the Lord​.” He was so excited to finally return to his village where he could share his story and God’s message with all of the people there! Riven said he wanted to praise ​the Lord​ because, “God did not forget about me.”

Riven and his family back at their home village

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