Posted Tuesday June 12, 2018 by Samaritan Aviation

Pamela’s Second Chance

“Pamela was diagnosed with cerebral malaria and it was unclear whether or not she would recover.”

It was a cloudy Monday when we met little Pamela, a 4-year old girl from Kanduanam village that had been unconscious for three days.

As soon as Tracy Hamer, Chris Cooke, and Fred Holcomb had landed on the river to pick her up, our team was met by a familiar sight. Several dozen people from the village were standing on the bank to watch as our floatplane and team did everything they could to rescue one of their own. Little Pamela was carried out and loaded onto the plane before our team said a prayer and headed straight for Wewak. On the way back, Pamela began having seizures, which continued once she was transferred to the ambulance that brought her to Boram hospital. Pamela was diagnosed with cerebral malaria and it was unclear whether or not she would recover.

Over the next week and a half, Pamela began to regain consciousness and recover as our team visited her during her stay. On her last day in the hospital, Pamela was there with her dad when Chris Cooke came to say goodbye. To the surprise and delight of our team, Pamela ran up and gave Chris a huge hug! What an answered prayer it was to see the young girl regain her health with no lasting effects from the cerebral malaria or seizures!

It is stories like this that remind us what incredible work that God is doing through our ministry in Papua New Guinea and through your faithful support and prayers.