Dear friends,

I would love to have a personal conversation with everyone who is a friend and supporter of Samaritan Aviation, but over the years our community has expanded. I sincerely hope this letter will convey my gratefulness to you for your friendship, prayers and support for our organization over the last 20 years.

All of us have experienced a very unusual and difficult year. I personally have had my own battle with cancer and last month, I finished my final treatment of radiation. I am prayerfully looking forward to a clean bill of health.

Here in the USA, I hear the term “first responder” to describe our heroes that are working so hard to keep us all safe and healthy. In Papua New Guinea, Samaritan staff are not just the first responders. We are often the only responders reaching those in the remote villages, those who have no hope if we are not there. Our staff continues to be committed to live out the calling of Samaritan Aviation: to save lives and save souls! In fact, even during this global pandemic, we are pressing ahead and are developing a five-year plan with the PNG government that will have us expanding to the Western and Gulf provinces. We are hopeful that the government will provide financial assistance. However, times are tough in PNG, budgets are tight, and even if they come through, it will only meet a portion of our need.

As this year begins to draw to a close, would you consider an end-of-year donation or signing up for a monthly gift to help us respond and reach more people in remote areas?

Yours for the gospel and the people of Papua New Guinea,

Mark Palm
Co-Founder / CEO

Or mail your gift in to PO Box 20697, Mesa, AZ 85277

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