17 April 2020 – How we’re spreading HOPE during Covid-19

1 April 2020 – World Health Organization resources

26 March 2020 – Partnering with local business owners

Public awareness and cooperation is key to stopping the spread of Covid-19 in Papua New Guinea. False news breeds panic and endangers lives. Don’t be part of the problem but part of the solution! Share only information from credible sources.
Under the direction of the ESPHA and using only reliable information from the World Health Organization, Samaritan Aviation has partnered with concerned local business owners to inform their employees on how best to protect themselves and their families from Covid-19. Garamut Enterprises also provided antibacterial soap and printed W.H.O. educational materials to each of their employees at their trainings sessions this week.

25 March 2020 – Training for health workers & PNG flight operations to continue

In response to the global Covid-19 pandemic, PNG is under a national state of emergency. Samaritan Aviation is committed to assisting the people of the East Sepik Province throughout this crisis. In partnership with the East Sepik Provincial Health Authority, we are taking part in COVID-19 educational training for health workers as well as awareness programs for the general public. In coordination with the PHA & Boram Hospital, we will also be continuing to be a lifeline for our rural communities in emergency life flights.

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Ol poro long PNG, mipela no lusim yu. Mipela bai stap na paitim dispela sik wantaim yu. Bikpela samting long dispela taim, holim tingting Papa God em i no lusim mipela olgeta! Mipela ken beten na stap isi long marimari bilong Jisas. Tu mipela mas yusim dispela gutpela tingting God i bin givim mipela long lukautim bodi bilong mipela!

20 March 2020 – Update on Mark’s Fight with Cancer & Operations in PNG

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