Late in the day, our Medical Director, Chris Cooke, got a call from one of our farthest locations. Alti, a 12-year-old boy from May River, had climbed a tree with a knife to cut down some breadfruit when the knife slipped from his hands and plunged into his side. Since our pilots can only fly safely during daylight hours, it was already too late in the day to get Alti to the hospital before sunset. Our team prayed for him through the night and arranged to take off the following morning.

Early the next day, pilot Nick Mosca headed out toward May River. When the plane arrived, many women were already weeping and mourning for young Alti, having lost hope in his recovery. Knowing we had to try to save Alti’s life, he and his father were loaded into the plane and Nick said a prayer. The nearly one-and-a-half-hour flight back to the hospital was nerve-wracking. While Alti had survived the long flight, he wasn’t out of the woods yet.

Alti was rushed into surgery and thankfully made a full recovery after a month in the hospital. During his recovery, our Hospital Ministry staff, Robert and Catherine, took many opportunities to sit down with him and his dad. They learned that Alti and his family had occasionally gone to a church in their village and had a basic understanding of who Jesus was. However, during their stay, Robert poured into Alti and his dad, asking them questions about their faith and who Jesus was to them personally. These conversations were new to them and they professed faith in Jesus Christ! They talked about how even though Alti’s body had been injured, both of their souls were now healed.

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