BENEDICT A 20-foot fall, a broken leg, and a very brave boy. Pilots Luke and Nick brought 8-year-old Benedict in from an aid post on the Kalawari River on October 7th. He had been climbing a mango tree and as he walked out on a branch, it broke and he fell about 20 feet to […]

Finding Peace in Hardship

FINDING PEACE IN HARDSHIP As an emergency service, oftentimes our patients are only in the hospital a short time before they are discharged and sent home for the remainder of their recovery. Our goal during this brief time is to demonstrate Christ’s love for them not only by meeting their physical needs (i.e., bringing them […]

Mona Lisa Smiles

Mona Lisa has a smile that lights up the Haus Sik (hospital). Three weeks after being flown in from her home village of Ambunti, she is starting to feel like a kid again. At just seven years old, she was suffering from a bone infection that caused severe swelling in both of her legs, as […]

Baby Jesse Goes Home!

It was early in the morning when Mark Palm received the urgent call from Paliagui village, a remote village on the backside of Chambri Lakes. Despite the poor phone reception, it became clear that the village was suffering from a sickness outbreak. One child had already died, and two more were very ill. Mark, Samaritan […]


Pamela’s Second Chance “Pamela was diagnosed with cerebral malaria and it was unclear whether or not she would recover.” It was a cloudy Monday when we met little Pamela, a 4-year old girl from Kanduanam village that had been unconscious for three days. As soon as Tracy Hamer, Chris Cooke, and Fred Holcomb had landed […]