Check out the creative way that Fred and Lydia Holcomb explained the mission of Samaritan Aviation to kids at their Vacation Bible School!

Sharing SA With Kids!

Written by Lydia Holcomb

If you have never been to the Sepik river, it’s very difficult to comprehend the remoteness and the desperate need of medical care. How do you explain those details to KIDS, in an understandable way? My husband and I took on that exciting challenge as we were invited to share about Samaritan Aviation at this summer’s Vacation Bible School.

Through prayer we felt like the Lord showed us the best way to convey this message through photos and videos from our recent visit to Papua New Guinea, along with some hands-on activities.

To paint the picture of the difficulty of accessing the hospital, children struggled and laughed as they carried a “patient” on a stretcher through the “jungle,” over obstacles and down a “river” to the hospital, for “many days.” As one little friend got her foot stuck in a box along the journey, it really emphasized the difficulty!

In contrast, Fred used a wheelbarrow fixed with wings and “flew” directly to the village and delivered the patient to the “hospital.” We’ll never forget the pinnacle of that illustration, when cheers erupted as the children grasped the solution to the villagers’ problem—the airplane!! It brought tears to our eyes—they got it!!

We shared with them several stories of rescued people and how we minister to them by inviting the kids to come forward and help us illustrate how Christ’s love is displayed by bringing food, necessities and prayer to the hurting, just like we do with our hospital ministry. It was such a blessing to see their eyes and ears dialed into the amazing work that God is doing in such a remote and needy place.