In a whirlwind 24 hours, our team had the privilege
of helping to save the lives of six Sepik babies!

At Samaritan Aviation, we believe that every life is precious and a gift from God. While we love being able to give people a second chance at life, there is a special place in our hearts for those that we are able to help enter the world. Recently we were privileged to be a part of saving the lives of six Sepik babies in just 24 hours!

A week after giving birth to premature twins, first-time mother Bilasa watched helplessly as the 2.2 lb. pair grew increasingly weak with each passing day. When the nurse from the district health center of Angoram called us for help, the babies were no longer strong enough to nurse at all.

While on route to the hospital with these little ones, we received another call for help from Samban village. A woman named Paulina had delivered one baby but was unable to deliver the twin. As soon as pilot Luke Hamer landed back in Wewak with the first set, SA pilot Tracy Hamer immediately began preparations for the next flight. She took off shortly after to meet the laboring mother.

Arriving back once again at Boram Hospital, our second mother, Paulina, was attended by Dr. Angela Seginami who confirmed the transverse twin. Within 15 minutes, she expertly repositioned and delivered the baby boy.

Tracy Hamer and Dr. Angela Seginami with the new twins

Paulina and her healthy twin sons returned home to their village just a few days later, and 3 weeks after their birth, the premature twins from Angoram are slowly gaining weight and have even begun to feed without the assurance of a feeding tube.

Premature twins from Angoram

The following morning at a local prenatal clinic in Wewak, a young expectant mother came in for a routine checkup in the final weeks of her pregnancy. Using the ultrasound that was donated to us by Clearer Imaging LLC, Sarah Cooke discovered that the mother was expecting twins, one of which was breech and one lying transverse. Sarah referred the mother to follow up immediately with the doctors at the Boram Hospital. When the physicians at Boram confirmed the findings and realized that she was actively in labor, they performed a cesarean to deliver the twin brothers. After being treated for infections caused by fetal distress, the babies returned home with their mother a week later.

Because of your support, the lives of six babies and three mothers were impacted in extraordinary ways!