Joy Schwertley was born and raised in South Africa. She has an interesting story to tell about growing up and being educated in this wonderful country. Joy decided from a very early age that she wanted to be involved with people and what made them tick, so she chose a career in Psychology. After graduating from University, she seized the opportunity of moving to the neighboring country Namibia to study animal behavior. Soon she became involved in capturing and relocating wildlife to allow for conservation of all the interesting species. During Joy’s time spent in the bush, she captured Rhino, faced a Lion head-on and raised 20 baby Zebra.

In 1995 Joy emigrated to the United States of America and settled in Cave Creek. Joy was proud of becoming an American Citizen in 2006. She started her business Discovery Profiling in 1996 and has been consulting with companies not only in the United States, but Internationally as well. Discovery Profiling Inc helps business owners increase their bottom line by focusing on their most important asset – their employees. Some of the services provided by Discovery Profiling include, Assessments for hiring and selection, Employee development, Team Building, Conflict resolution, Coaching and Sales Development, to name a few.

Joy has performed some very interesting research on human behavior and values in successful businesses and applies her knowledge to assist her clients in growing and improving their companies.

Focusing on human potential is not Joy’s job, it is her passion.