Jeff Petersen was the President and Founder of Coal Creek Consulting, a firm that specializes in project management and infrastructure development for wireless telecommunication providers. During his years with Coal Creek, he grew the company to over twenty-five employees, and they became the gold standard in Arizona for wireless services. Jeff sold the company in 2018. Jeff now lives in Texas and has started a new business and is an owner/broker of Transworld Business Advisors of East Texas.

Jeff is a proud parent of three fantastic children who were raised with a love of the outdoors that includes backpacking, hunting, hiking, and winter sports. Jeff exhibits extreme dedication and perseverance through personal challenges such as running twelve half-marathons in one year, hiking rim-to-rim-to-rim across the Grand Canyon (43 miles) in one day, and living an entire year as a vegan.

Jeff’s involvement began when Samaritan Aviation rented office space from his company in Scottsdale, Arizona. In November of 2015, Jeff accompanied Mark Palm on a two-week trip to Papua New Guinea. Jeff was moved by his visit and his interactions with the people of PNG as well as the Samaritan Aviation families serving in Papua New Guinea. Through his interaction with the Board, Jeff has assisted Samaritan Aviation with fundraising from major donors and strategic management consulting.

“My trip to PNG with Mark was a mountain top experience.  I am proud to be a part of an organization that is both loved and respected by the people whom we help”.