Trauma Healing Training

Many of our patients deal with the emotional effects of illness, disease, domestic violence, sexual abuse and debilitating injuries. They are overwhelmed with grief, fear and helplessness in the face of loss and death.

One of the most effective ways to address this need is to train the nurses and medical officers who staff the rural health centers.

We utilize a faith-based trauma healing program that has been used to help thousands of people around the world.

In partnership with East Sepik Public Health Authority and other key partners we are implementing it in strategic areas.

“We don’t usually see what’s happening with the emotional or the spiritual side of our patients. It also helps us as nurses personally as we are human and it’s natural to feel emotion, loss and pain. Understanding the stages of grieving was especially helpful for me. If I can heal from my wounds and pain, the more I will be able to help my patients do the same.” – Rural Nurse