Medicine Delivery

Samaritan Aviation operates some of the only float-planes in the country and we are a direct link for the distribution of medicine to remote clinics.  In the past, these services did not exist, or took days, weeks, and even months for the supplies to reach remote clinics by road and canoe.  With our float-planes, we can accomplish this life-saving task in a matter of hours, literally changing the lives of the people of the Sepik River Region.

Samaritan Aviation has partnered with the Boram Hospital in Wewak and has been assisting them by providing medical supplies in large shipping containers through our US partners. We have also assisted in sending international experts and doctors to the Boram Hospital to conduct medical training and critical surgeries.

In addition, Samaritan Aviation works with the PNG National Department of Health to stock health outposts with medical supplies through the Area Medicine Storehouse in Wewak.  These services are done in partnership with the Provincial Government, Catholic Health Services, Pacific Islands Ministries, SDA Medical outreach, South Seas Evangelical Association, Save the Children Australia, Oxfam Australia, Project Cure, North American Rescue, Western Skyways, and Heart to Heart International. Since we began the ministry of Samaritan Aviation in New Guinea, we have delivered over 80,500 kilos (177472.12 pounds) of medical supplies to 40 remote aid posts in the East Sepik Province.