Life Flights

Samaritan Aviation exists to demonstrate God’s love by addressing the health and medical needs of the people who live in the Sepik River Valley of Papua New Guinea. Our Life Flight operations in Papua New Guinea began in March of 2010. Flying some of the only floatplanes in the entire country, we are impacting thousands of villagers in the remote areas, who would otherwise have little or no access to any form of healthcare. Before the days of our Life Flights, a trip to the hospital meant several days of travel by canoe. Today, by air, it is a 20-45 minute flight. For the people of New Guinea, our mission represents access and hope.

Our floatplanes open regions in the Sepik River Valley and northern coast islands, allowing Samaritan to provide medical emergency evacuations. We commonly receive emergency life-flight calls from remote villages for breached births, cerebral malaria, broken backs, and deadly snakebites…along with the occasional spear, arrow, and machete wounds.

“We are thankful for partners like Samaritan Aviation. I am very happy with your service and our partnership, and I encourage you to keep leading the way in rural health service in the Sepik Province.”

Pascoe Kase, PNG Secretary of Health

“Samaritan Aviation is a bright spot in PNG’s health delivery system.”

Honorable Sasa Zibe, Minister of Health