Hospital Ministry

The Hospital Ministry is at the heart of what Samaritan Aviation does in Papua New Guinea. When one of the airplanes picks up a patient and flies them to the hospital, our work has just begun. Patients stay at the hospital anywhere from three days to six months! Because the hospital staff and facilities are limited, family members and friends are required to take care of patients in the hospital by providing food, bathing, clothes, and anything else a patient might need while at the hospital. For that reason, we always fly a “caregiver” to Wewak from the village along with the patient. Many of the patients we fly in are from very remote areas and do not have money to get food, soap, or clothes. When the recovery time is extended, this can be a very overwhelming experience, especially when you consider that for some it is the first time they have been in a modern society setting, having never seen cars, experienced electricity, or anything like the hospital they now find themselves in; so far from home.  This is a perfect opportunity to show God’s love through action.

Our team sits with patients daily, praying with them and helping to meet both their physical and spiritual needs. The ultimate goal of everything we do is to share who Christ is. Because we start with service and care, we are able to share with them our heart for Papua New Guinea and that we value them because God values them.